Bonnefanten enthusiastically announces The Studio #8 with the intriguing work by Caroline Sarneel (Geleen, The Netherlands, 1992). The exhibition highlights Sarneel's exploration of the relationship between humanity and nature, in which she combines analogue photography and painting.

In The Studio #8, Caroline Sarneel invites visitors to experience a different frequency, the frequency of feeling. Each of her artworks carries an emotion or question, but together they form a harmonious whole. She creates an isolated ambience which lays bear the essence of existence.

"Ideally, my works need no explanation. In another case, I choose to limit this because words can never achieve what the work itself can tell. I try to be open to my natural environment in my working method, that of aloneness - not to be confused with loneliness, but to be understood as a secluded state of being that offers no torment but joy and space for clear reflection.", says Sarneel.

Sarneel's artistic vision revolves around the contrasts between puny humankind and nature, where she explores aloneness (NL: alleenschap) in relation to the magnificence of nature and the infinite universe. Her works reflect the essence of human existence, in which she is guided precisely by mystery and not-knowing.

Caroline Sarneel

Caroline Sarneel is an emerging talent in the contemporary art world. She received her bachelor's degree in autonomous visual arts from the Maastricht Institute of Arts in 2022. Sarneel was the fourth artist to receive the prestigious Limburg Visual Arts Stipendium, which granted her a six-month residency at the Jan van Eyck Academy and the chance to present her work in the exhibition series The Studio at the Bonnefanten.

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