A Room of One's Own / Between Art and Copy / Piet Killaars 100 jaar

The openings of three new exhibitions will take place in the Bonnefanten on Friday 10 February.

Exhibition openings: Friday 10.02.2023, 20:00.
A Room of One's Own and Piet Killaars 100 years on show from 11.02.2023 to 21.01.2024
Between Art and Copy on show from 11.02.2023 to 25.02.2024 

A Room of One's Own revolves around the work and ideas of different generations of female artists in the Bonnefanten’s collection, with guest presentations by Carol Rhodes, Lydia Schouten and Marijke Stultiens. The exhibition Between Art and Copy presents the Maastricht Institute of Arts' rare collection of plaster casts, which has been built up since its foundation in 1823, as the Stadsteekenschool. And finally, the exhibition Piet Killaars 100 years gives a retrospective of the artist’s sculptures and sketches from the Bonnefanten collection.

Image A Room of One's Own: Lydia Schouten, Shattered Ghost Stories, 1993. Photo: Annet Delfgaauw. © Collection Museum Arnhem

A Room of One's Own 

A Room of One’s Own presents works from the Bonnefanten collection by female artists who made their name in a world where male artists were still the norm. The exhibition shows exemplary pioneers who were active from the 1950's and 60's, during the second wave of feminism, and who paved the way for the subsequent generation of female artists, inspiring them not to be discouraged.

Besides works from the permanent collection, A Room of One’s Own also includes three special guest presentations by Carol Rhodes (1959-2018), Lydia Schouten (1948) and Marijke Stultiens (1927).

Image Between Art and Copy: Berging Cellebroedersstraat, Maastricht, 1968. Photographer unknown. © Zuyd Hogeschool

Between Art and Copy

In 2023, the Maastricht Institute of Arts is celebrating its 200th anniversary. For the occasion, the institute presents a considerable part of its collection of plaster casts in Bonnefanten: the Academische Gipsotheek Maastricht. This rare and unique collection was started when the Stadsteekenschool was founded, in 1823, and now comprises around 500 items. It is one of the largest, most important and most varied plaster collections in the Netherlands. Many items have been given a permanent place in the academy building and have become part of the institute's identity. The exhibition Between Art and Copy is a collaboration between Maastricht Institute of Arts and Bonnefanten.

Image Piet Killaars 100 years: Piet Killaars, Cirkelende beweging, 1978. © Collection Bonnefanten

Piet Killaars 100 years

In honour of the hundredth anniversary of the birth of sculptor Piet Killaars, Piet Killaars 100 years gives a retrospective of his sculptures and sketches from the Bonnefanten's collection. Some of the works were a gift from Killaars’ heirs, with his earliest work dating from 1955. Together, they give an impression of a very talented and passionate sculptor, who drew inspiration from nature in lending a spiritual dimension to his work. He is best known by the Dutch public for his monumental sculptures in public spaces. The presentation gives the viewer a glimpse behind the scenes of Piet Killaars' work, as it were, taking a look at the preliminary studies he made for his large statues.

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