Werner Mantz, Villa ‘Hugo Wolff’, Gyrofstrasse, Keulen-Lindenthal, Keulen (D/GER), 1932. Architect: Ulrich Pohl. ©Werner Mantz/Museum Ludwig

In his work and (working) life, the person and photographer Werner Mantz gives recognition to the commonplace. The compilation of the exhibition The Perfect Eye in the Bonnefanten brings everything together in a retrospective of around 300 (vintage) photos. Three narratives are thus permanently interwoven: his life and autonomous work, his architectural photography and his portrait photography. And at the same time, various historical and art-historical periods in Cologne, Central Limburg and South Limburg are linked together.

Werner Mantz, Villa 'Hugo Wolff', Gyrofstrasse, Cologne-Lindenthal, Cologne (D/GER), 1932. Architect: Ulrich Pohl. ©Werner Mantz/Museum Ludwig