The new series The Studio in the Bonnefanten provides a stage for small scale solo presentations on which artists may present recent developments in their work. The first artist in this series is Charlotte Lagro (1989, Maastricht), who exhibits a snapshot of her studio practice in her first solo museum presentation called The Fifth Gate.

Charlotte Lagro moves smoothly between video, photography, performance, audio and spatial installations. In her work, her keen powers of observation find expression. Curiosity about the people around her is what drives this artist. With an inquisitive gaze, she explores her subject, raising all kinds of questions, but is careful not to give answers.

In The Fifth Gate Lagro exhibits a construction of traffic signal poles as a fence with four passages through which the visitor can move freely. With the poles removed from their usual function and context, this palisade has a paradoxical form. It is a frame and an object in one, physically present and yet immaterial. Relieved of their usual task and revalued. With these kinds of ambiguous, hard-to-fathom images, Lagro speaks directly to the viewer's own associative powers.

Fifth gate_3_crop.jpg

Image: Charlotte Lagro, VRI ME550, 2019, courtesy the artist