Piet Killaars 100 years 

Piet Killaars (1922, Tegelen - 2015, Maastricht) was a very talented sculptor and became famous for many of his statues throughout the Netherlands. Piet Killaars 100 years contains an overview of sculptures and pre-studies from the Bonnefanten collection. Part of the pre-studies was gifted by the Killaars heirs, with the earliest work dating back to 1955. Together they give the impression of a talented and driven sculptor, who uses nature as his inspiration to add a spiritual dimension to his work. His visual language is recognizable by his abstract and symbolic representation of the progress of growth, exuding both power and fragility.

Even in his later works, one can still see Killaars drawing inspiration from nature. The Dutch public is mostly familiar with his monumental sculptures in public spaces. The display cabinet in the exhibition allows the viewer a peek behind the scenes: it shows many of the pre-studies Piet Killaars made for his larger sculptures.

Vitrinekast Piet Killaars (2).jpg
Piet Killaars, Vitrinekast, undated. Collection Bonnefanten

Piet Killaars

Piet Killaars (1922 Tegelen – Maastricht 2015) was an extraordinarily talented sculptor and a prominent artist in Limburg, The Netherlands. Killaars was a teacher at the Academy in Tilburg (1967 – 1970) and at the Academy in Maastricht (1970 – 1986). He was a member of the Council for the Arts (1962 – 1968) and of the Rijksadviescommissie beeldhouwkunst. He also received the Orde van de Nederlandse Leeuw and was an honorable citizen of Maastricht.   

Piet Killaars 100 years is on view on the second floor, close to the exhibition A Room of One’s Own.

1003095 Cirkelende Beweging.jpg
Leading image: Piet Killaars, Cirkelende beweging, 1978. Collection Bonnefanten

Exhibition booklet

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