Juliaan Andeweg, Bob Eikelboom, Daniel van Straalen:
Making Money For My Friends

Making Money For My Friends is a group exhibition of work by Juliaan Andeweg, Bob Eikelboom and Daniel van Straalen. The three artists share certain interests and use similar materials, many of which come from outside the art world. Take, for instance, their shared interest in the rapper Lil B. and their use of car paint, film and cartoon images, and advertising posters. Making Money For My Friends is a voyage of discovery and an introduction to the work of a new, young generation of artists. Julia Mullié is the guest curator of this exhibition.

Daniel van Straalen, Mega Lamellen

Daniel van Straalen (1987) plays with the thoughts of the viewer. By using images that are immediately recognisable, he gives us an opportunity to interpret his work. Yet this opportunity is also misleading, as whatever is immediately recognisable gives no further scope for other associations. This also raises questions about authenticity, which is one of the key elements in Van Straalen's work. He investigates what authenticity still means in a world that is dominated by the internet. Does it even matter nowadays what is 'real' and what is 'fake', or who was the 'first' to come up with an idea?

Bob Eikelboom, Libaral Picture Service

Bob Eikelboom (1991) is showing his Liberal Picture Service (2017), a room with rounded walls. In this room, all the shadows disappear, so you no longer have a sense of depth and look into total emptiness. You hear a composition of sound recordings made by the artist and samples from films and music. This creates a wave of images and sounds that only take shape and gain meaning in the mind of the viewer. As with his 'magnet works', the viewer (here also a listener) can control the composition and is guided towards playing the role of the artist.

Juliaan Andeweg, 12 to the moon

In his work, Juliaan Andeweg (1986) zigzags between extremes in search of the combination of idea and transformation, based on the concept that when a process takes place in a material sense, this also has repercussions in the mind. In this sense, the creation of a work can be seen as a ritual act. Those who focus only on the material or the mind will miss out on the total experience. In his relief painting, Andeweg thus connects the higher world to the lower. One of his relief paintings, 12 to the moon we gotta leave soon (2016-2017) is shown in Making Money For My Friends.