Beating Time
Collection presentation contemporary art

With guest contributions of R.W. Beerens, Chantal Le Doux, Andrea Éva Györi, Marianne van der Heijden ✝ and Servie Janssen ✝.

Art conquers time. Take Rembrandt's self-portraits, for example. See how he observes us, true to life, over the centuries. Today's artists are also confronted with the task of outwitting time. How do they do it? How does their work escape the inevitable march of time? Beating Time brings together works from the collection that bear a distinct relation to the phenomenon of time. The exhibition includes guest contributions by artists who have been working in Maastricht for decades already, or who worked in the city for a longer or shorter period. In their work, these artists try to transcend past, present and future, thereby resorting to various tactics.

Neo Rauch, Lot, 1993

Neo Rauch, Lot, 1993

Curator: Paula van den Bosch

Image: Peter Doig, Blotter, 1996, Bonnefantenmuseum. Photo: Peter Cox.