Beating around the bush
Episode #5: Old masters never die
Starring Edward Lipski, Johan Tahon, Helen Verhoeven

Beating around the bush is an exhibition programme since 2014, in which the Bonnefanten is presenting its collection in an investigative way. In episodes, both the fixed values and the 'quiet reserve' of the collection are brought into dialogue with new and proposed acquisitions. In addition, interventions in the form of small solo presentations function as mirrors to reflect new content-related insights and perspectives. Each episode has a different thematic angle, through which the individual artists' practices are explored, as well as the museum collection as a whole and associated movements.
This episode has solo presentations by Edward Lipski, Johan Tahon and Helen Verhoeven.

In July 2018, the extensive installation Ghostkeeping of István Csákány (2012) was added to the exhibition.Co-starring: Ai Weiwei, Johan Creten, István Csákány, Hao Liang, Michel Huisman, Kahlil Joseph, Lee Kit, Jannis Kounellis, Liu Han-Chi, Chaim van Luit, Maha Maamoun, Mario Merz, Ciprian Muresan, Navid Nuur, Grayson Perry, Evelyn Taocheng Wang, Sanne Vaassen and various well-known and less familiar old masters.