Create your own family tree or take a family portrait

Sunday 12 May is Mother's Day and the last day of the wonderful exhibition Shinkichi Tajiri: The Restless Wanderer. We would like to make it a celebration on this last day. Two workshops and the opportunity to have a family portrait made.

During the family tree creation workshop, participants will work with linocut and ink to create their own family tree. The linoleum is carefully cut and serves as the basic design for the family tree. Participants have the freedom to add additional branches and details to their family tree with ink and calligraphy brushes. Prints will be made on special parchment paper, giving a matching look to the final result.

What time: 12:00 - 16:00
Where: Studio Rossi
Entrance: free on presentation of valid admission ticket

Fotograaf die een groep op de foto zet in een vintage photobooth

After the resounding success of the vintage photobooth during the BFF on 1 December, the vintage decor will once again be build up. A photographer will take group and family portraits of visitors. The photobooth will also include a workshop where a matching frame can be made.

What time: 12:00 - 16:00
Where: Corridor 1st floor
Entrance: free on presentation of valid admission ticket


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