• Live performance: Juliette Romboti (Winner Award for Innovative Music 2022)
  • 2023-06-11T12:30:00+02:00
  • 2023-06-11T14:45:00+02:00
  • On Sunday the 11th of June, you can attend Juliette Romboti's performance On Stillness at Bonnefanten.

Immerse yourself in the atmospheric world of Juliette Romboti. As winner of the Award for Innovation in Music 2022 (AIM) from the Maastricht Academy of Music, Romboti rethinks how classical ensemble playing works and seeks approach from a new perspective.

Together with nine other musicians, the composer will perform her work On Stillness live in the cupola, surrounded by the sculptures of Between Art and Copy.

On Stillness

Romboti describes On Stillness as a musical metaphor to the sculptures which surround us. The sculptures are static, unmoving, silent. They capture a state between stillness and motion; a state between silence and sound. They possess a spatial but also a temporal dimension; an intersection between past, present and future; a timelessness. They are the background to which the music unfolds; together, creating a space where one can access their own state of silent, unmoving, inner stillness.


  • Juliette Romboti, composer
  • Heidur Bjarnadóttir, violoncello 
  • - Jorge Gómez Josa, soprano saxophone, alto saxophone 
  • - Francesca Fantini, alto saxophone 
  • - Elena Toro Arróniz, tenor saxophone, alto saxophone 
  • - Margarita Dudčaka, soprano 
  • - Adèle Sterck Filion, mezzo soprano 
  • - Jeske de Haart, mezzo soprano 
  • - Nader Adabnejad, baritone, violin, electronics 
  • - Mario Calzada Peña, drums

Sunday 11th of June , 2023


12:30 - 13:15
14:00 - 14:45




This performance is free to attend on presentation of a valid entrance ticket.
There is a limited number of places available. Reservation is required. Full = full.

Header image: Juliette Romboti