Starting out on the catwalk, nowadays Antoine Peters’ expressions shifts within fashion, art and architecture in which the relationship towards clothing and the human body are a binding factor. Playing with perception is an important theme in Antoine’s work. He believes the space around a garment is just as important as the piece of clothing itself.

Disrupting the traditional relationship between spectator and object, with the goal to cause delay, imbalance and change of perspective, while causing a little smile.

"Clothing is so fascinating because it’s close to the body, and has the power to influence your movement, feeling or surrounding, but at the same time it doesn’t have to be functional at all. A garment does not need to obey the body nor does it need a physical host to obtain its power or even be móre powerful!

Besides the clothes themselves, I especially want to stretch people’s minds. I want it to be spiritual circular — where fantasy and reality are continually intermingling and coexisting. I want my work to counterbalance consumerism and adding awareness, an emotional re-valuation of the (too many) clothes already out there, without making more myself."

- Antoine Peters

Photo: Laura Knipsael