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“There’s nothing new under the sun,
but there are new suns.”

Epigram of Octavia E. Butler’s unpublished Parable of the Trickster

New Suns    ———

New Suns is Kahlil Josephs first solo exhibition in Europe, showing a selection of his most important films in recent years including m.A.A.d. , Wizard Of The Upper Amazon, Until the Quiet Comes, Wildcat (Aunt Janet) and Alice™. Together with these films works will be shown from related artists and friends such as Noah Davis, Faith Davis, Karon Davis, Michelle Blade, Henry Taylor, Arthur Jafa and Saudade Toxosi.


m.A.A.d (2014)   ———

The camera registers, often in slow motion, details, such as the tattoos of the inhabitants. 
Visuals of contemporary life in Compton are mixed with 90’s home video footage of Lamar, and a few images that seem to come from another world, for instance, a man on a horse cruising through nightly Compton.


Octavia Butler    ———

“There’s nothing new
Under the sun,
But there are new suns.”

The title New Suns is based on an epigram from a never completed book by the Afro-American science-fiction writer Octavia Butler that spoke very deeply to Joseph, capturing the cosmic tension between optimism and pessimism, and the possibility of actually breaking through this deep psychic impasse into something new, quite wonderfully.