On the 26th and 27th of March, initiators Marta Volkova and Slava Shevelenko (a Russian artist duo from Maastricht, with Ukrainian roots), and Marente de Moor are organising an art market and performances in the Bonnefanten in aid of the victims of the war in Ukraine. Artists Marta Volkova (1955) and Slava Shevelenko (1953) approached writer and columnist Marente de Moor (The Hague, 1972) to create two performances. De Moor lived in Russia in the 1990s, where she studied at drama school and wrote articles and columns for the weekly De Groene Amsterdammer (later bundled as Petersburg Vertellingen).

For those who want to experience how it feels when the truth is twisted right in front of you, the Shop in Misinformation is opened in the Bonnefanten this weekend. Marente de Moor and René Walenbergh (copywriter of communication agency Walenbergh & Van Os) manage this 'shop', visitors can choose between pre-printed alternative truths or improvised lies. And a Bureau of Telephone Terror will be installed in the museum. This bureau will launch an urgent telephone offensive against government agencies in Russia that are responsible for brainwashing Putin's subjects.

This weekend, visitors will have the opportunity to buy beautiful works of art and, in return for payment, actively participate in two impressive performances. All proceeds will go to the Red Cross for the relief of Ukrainian refugees.

The Bureau of Telephone Terror

Putin's war is out of date and calls for twentieth-century-style answers. So no blue-and-yellow emoticons, but analogue telephone terror. In the auditorium, visitors can use the switchboard, for a fee, manned by Russian-speaking telephone terrorists to request calls with Russian government agencies in order to pass on short messages. Rates vary from 5 euros for a message to a youth camp of Putin's United Russia party, to 20 euros to OMON, the riot police that arrests demonstrators. Of course, you are free to give more. The agency offers a choice of effective messages and questions. If the authority, church, newspaper or school does not answer because of the weekend closure, we leave the message on their answering machine or call again on Monday.

Practical information

Performances Shop in Misinformation and the Bureau of Telephone Terror Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 March:

  • Participation in the Shop of Misinformation:
    continuous from 12 pm - 5 pm.
  • Participation in the Bureau of Telephone Terror:
    continuous from 12 pm - 3 pm.

The Art Market is open on 26 and 27 March from 11 am - 5 pm.
Participating artists are: Margriet de Bruin, Paul Devens, Hadassah Emmerich, Tineke Kambier, Keetje Mans, Mike Moonen, Willibrord Nota, Dorine van der Ploeg, Renee Reijnders, Ans Verdijk, Marta Volkova and Slava Shevelenko.

Location: the performances and the art market will take place in the auditorium of the Bonnefanten.
Entrance: admission is free.