The Bonnefanten

Surprisingly distinctive in ancient, modern and contemporary art.

Alongside modern and contemporary art, old masters find their place in the iconic building designed by the Italian architect Aldo Rossi. The Bonnefanten Museum tells stories with its permanent collections, temporary exhibitions, guided tours, special lectures, events and family activities. In the Museum Shop you will find a special selection of art gifts and in the museum cafe Ipanema you can enjoy a delicious lunch.


The Bonnefanten aims to link the art world to society and to challenge people to better understand themselves and the world in which they live.


Offer meaningful, aesthetic, educational, intellectual and cultural experiences to a wide and diverse public, thereby enriching people’s lives.


To be the leading place, nationally and internationally, to discover non-mainstream artists and art practices.

Bonnefanten, Beating Time 2019, photo Manor Lux

The cornerstones of the Bonnefanten’s profile:

  1. As an artists’ museum with a distinctive focus on the secret canon. Influential artists who are not found on the mainstream platforms correspond well with the unique emphasis of the exhibition programming. Wherever possible, cross-links between old masters, modern art and contemporary art are made visible.
  2. As an academic museum that concentrates on research, talent development and education. On the one hand, this concerns the artistic production as a result of artists’ creative research, and on the other the professional world of exhibition makers, fellow museums, scholarship and art education, with which the museum seeks to collaborate in practice, with regard to research, experiment and talent development.
  3. As a haven for a wide and diverse public. The museum is not only a repository, but also a place to forge links between the world of art and the various communities for which that art can play a role in providing meaning.

Education, 2019, Photo Justin Livesey

The factors that distinguish the Bonnefanten in the Dutch museum landscape are its role in pointing out connections and its exciting exhibition programming. The Bonnefanten deliberately chooses art and artists that are not (yet) found on all the mainstream platforms: the secret canon. These still underexposed art practices are unknown to the wider public and have seldom been exhibited in the Netherlands as yet. The museum seeks out local, regional, national and international artists, and focuses proactively on artistic practices from non-Western regions.

Interpreted in brand values for the Bonnefanten, the museum stands for:

  • Exciting trendsetting presentations and challenging exhibitions
  • Pioneering role and role in pointing out connections give a glimpse of other art worlds
  • Hospitable environment, a haven
  • Source of inspiration and creativity