06.10.2019 02.02.2020

Paloma Varga Weisz, Bumped Body

In the exhibition Bumped Body by Paloma Varga Weisz (Mannheim, Germany, 1966), we're being submerged in a new world.

26.11.2019 26.04.2020

Jan Hendrix: Tierra Firme

Temporary exhibition that offers an overview of the trajectory of Jan Hendrix

04.02.2020 23.08.2020

The Absence of Mark Manders

With The Absence of Mark Manders it becomes visible how his special oeuvre is constantly developing: from older work that has been revised to his newest ...

06.06.2017 30.04.2020

Stanley Donwood: Optical Glade

The English artist Stanley Donwood has transformed the Bonnefanten's striking Cupola into a remarkable installation.

24.05.2019 08.09.2019

Marwan Rechmaoui: Slanted Squares

The exhibition Slanted Squares gives a glimpse of the wide range of Marwan Rechmaoui's practice from the last two decades.

14.06.2019 20.10.2019

The Studio #1: Charlotte Lagro

The new series The Studio in the Bonnefantenmuseum provides a stage for small scale solo presentations on which artists may present recent developments in ...

01.06.2018 02.12.2018

Hans Lemmen and Roger Ballen: Unleashed

Unleashed: letting powerful forces run free, off their constrains, liberated and sometimes out of control. Unleashed dogs are after their prey. The liberated ...

26.01.2018 02.12.2018

Beating around the bush

Episode #5: Old masters never die Starring Edward Lipski, Johan Tahon, Helen Verhoeven.

13.10.2017 23.09.2018

The Jacques & Miny Defauwes Collection

In the early eighties, the orthopaedic shoemaker Jacques Defauwes and his wife Miny Defauwes-Bovens were introduced by the Limburg painter Lei Molin ...

26.01.2018 24.06.2018

Making Money For My Friends

Making Money For My Friends is a group exhibition of work by Juliaan Andeweg, Bob Eikelboom and Daniel van Straalen.

26.01.2018 13.05.2018

Robin de Puy: Randy

In 2015 portrait photographer Robin de Puy (1986) travelled across America on a motorcycle.

21.04.2017 24.09.2017

Look at me and see what I could not (yet) see

through the eyes of: Sara Bachour & Joep Hinssen Maarten Davidse & Simon Weins Studio Oneindigheid (Charlotte Lagro, Chaim van Luit, Joep Vossebeld) Tim Rutten ...