• Eyewitnesses
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  • "Without viewers, is there any art at all?". For Eyewitnesses, we asked our visitors for their favourite works and the stories behind them. A selection of these favourites can now be seen in the museum.

"Without viewers, is there any art at all?". This question was one of the reasons for a new Bonnefanten collection book, which was published on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the museum building by Aldo Rossi. As a public institution that values its visitors, the Bonnefanten not only wants to play a meaningful role for the public but also, where possible, to work with the public. That is why we are now showing a selection of the works highlighted in our collection book Eyewitnesses.

Overzicht Ooggetuigen 2021, Bonnefanten. Foto Justin Livesey

New perspective

Eyewitnesses is anything but a standard presentation. It has emerged from a non-scientifically, not written by the museum's own staff, publication. It is an exhibition that brings in the perspective of our visitors. Together, the works have become a collection of stories by visitors - young and old. These are both testimonies of 'insiders' and 'lay people'. The result is a colourful exhibition and book in which the outside world in all its diversity is shown.

The Eyewitnesses exhibition is derived from our collection book of the same name. A book in which, in addition to 393 works of art, shows how 73 visitors were interviewed and pictured. They speak candidly about their fascination with specific works from the Bonnefanten collection.


Overzicht Ooggetuigen 2021, Bonnefanten. Foto Justin Livesey