• BFF #11: Shake Patriarchy! - Free entry
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  • Every first Friday evening of the month. Free entrance. During #BFF we invite a surprising association, club or foundation to take the key to the museum and organise an evening to their own liking.

Bonnefanten First Fridays #11:
Shake Patriarchy!

Date: Friday, 7 October
Time: 8 pm - 11 pm 
Entrance: free

Gender, activism and women's rights. Time to wake up anyone who is not yet woken up.
We open our doors to zoom in on the role of gender in the art world together with Studium Generale and COC Limburg during the 11th edition of #BFF.

 01 Image Credits_Lucien Liebecke_gecomprimeerd.jpg

Marleen Rothaus, coven, 2020, olie op doek, 130 x 208 cm, Foto Lucien Liebecke
This evening the performance ‘Sweet Dreams Sweet’, from Bonnefanten Award for Contemporary Art 2022 winner Melati Suyrodarmo, will be performed. There's also a special guest from the exhibition 'Beating Around The Bush #7: False Flat' that will make you experience a flamboyant demonstration.

Plenty to look forward to! And there's more:

  • Listen carefully during a talk show on the role of gender in art
  • Find your soulmate during the 'Shirts against Patriarchy' game
  • Let 'Nurse Purse' Darla Davina read your future based on your handbag
  • Discover how your body relates to art
  • Learn about gender-specific sounds
  • Enjoy a drag and burlesque performance by Gigi Love and White Canvas, among others
  • Find out all about professional drag make-up, and join the conversation about gender

Besides all the activities, it is also the oppertunity to check out our current exhibitions.
More info on what's currently on display in Bonnefanten? Click here.

What are the Bonnefanten First Fridays?

BFF2 - YO Take Over

Community's claim the museum

Museums are the treasures of society in which past and present come together. They are the memory of the city, region and country and offer new windows to the world or enlarge the existing perspectives. Especially in this time, where everything revolves around experiencing and experiencing yourself, museums are perhaps more important than ever. They are places for reflection, wonder and astonishment, all emotions that give museums an intrinsic value. This must of course be accessible to everyone. With #BFF we hope to give more people that accessibility.

During the Bonnefanten First Fridays (#BFF) we hand over the key to the museum. Every month we invite a surprising association, club or foundation to take the key and organize an evening to their own liking. The starting point for the program is the collections of old and contemporary art or the temporary exhibitions that are currently on view in the museum.

Lead sponsor VriendenLoterij.
Made possible by Provincie Limburg, Gemeente Maastricht and Cultuurmakers.



Previous editions:

Bonnefanten First Fridays #10: Keep it rollin'

Date: Friday, 2 September
Time: 8 pm - 11 pm (and an afterparty at 11 pm - 1 am)
Entrance: free

Immerse yourself in the graffiti and skate world. During this evening, the boundaries between what is 'high' and 'low' art are blurred and we open the doors to urban arts such as graffiti, hip-hop, spoken word, urban dance and skate culture. Inside and outside the museum.

In addition to a speed tour for and by youngsters, we are organising a skate course in the museum together with Stichting Stadsnomade from Maastricht and The Building from Genk: a special experience. Every hour, a unique skate deck will be awarded to the best trick winner. So bring your skateboard and have fun. But there is more: 

  • Graffiti
  • Silkscreen
  • Pimp your skateboard (and win a custom-made deck according to your design)
  • Urban dance
  • Poetry Slam
  • Hip Hop Beats
Music at various locations in the museum
  • Chaz and Visjal
  • Lati
  • The Twins
  • Hip Hop Cypher: KRAUW KONNEKT
    ($KEER&BOO$, Dookie, Vlekkeloos, Eijer and others)
  • And at the end of the evening, there will be an afterparty from 11 pm - 1 am in museum cafe Ipanema. All the DJs you've heard earlier that night will perform once again


Previous editions:

Bonnefanten First Fridays #9: Derailed Sounds

Date: Friday, 1 July
Time: 8 pm - 11 pm (afterparty in café Ipanema until 1 am)
Entrance: free

This time it's different. Come to BFF #9 and get derailed by the sounds curated by Paul Devens. Devens is a Dutch sound art pioneer and currently has an exhibition on view in Bonnefanten.
This BFF is all about the Derailed Sounds.

Discover and experience the art of sound during this evening program at the museum. Besides a speed tour through the exhibition The Derailment of the Usual by Paul himself you can also expect the following:

  • lots of art that you can view in various galleries,
  • various live sound performances by Otomax and L.T. ZOEF,
  • the projection Fiorucci made me hardcore by Mark Leckey,
  • a Non 'BORING' lecture about COLLECTING by Simone Schuffelen,
  • a Jamm Session with Planet-T,
  • video art by Lis Rhodes,
  • workshop Bucket Drumming and a workshop Biometric Composition by Christy Westhovens 
  • and at the end of the evening, an afterparty with Blöd Heinie & MC Opi Arto.


Bonnefanten First Fridays #8: Meets the Neighbourhood!

Date: Friday, 3 June
Time: 8:00pm - 11:00pm
Entrance: free

After a successful kick-off with BFF #7, we will now transform the museum during BFF #8: Meets the Neighbourhood!
This evening is all about the museum and our neighbourhood.

Together with de Kunstketel, Trajekt, Quiet Community Maastricht and O.L.V. van Lourdes Parochie, we will be making an evening filling programme in the museum on June 3rd.
Expect an evening in Bonnefanten where, in addition to all the exhibitions, you will also be able to:

  • take guided tours in Mestreechs dialect,
  • watch performances by John Tana, Ziesjoem and Fred Lloret,
  • attend a lecture by pastor Mattie Jeukens,
  • have balloon art made by Patrick van de Ven,
  • watch puppet theatre by Ruben Komkommer,
  • taste a surprising bite of food,
  • and there will be even more to experience!

Will we see you at BFF #8: Meets the Neighborhood?


Bonnefanten First Fridays #7: Celebrates Freedom!

Date: Friday, 6 May
Time: 8:00pm - 11:00pm
Entrance: free

Finally the time has come, live BFF's are allowed again! After a number of digital #BFFs, we are now transforming Bonnefanten together with Refugee Project Maastricht, the InnBetween and author Wim Peumans for a unique evening out.

Expect an evening at the museum where, in addition to visiting all the exhibitions, you can:

  • attend workshops on Bodymapping and Expressive writing,
  • watch live performances,
  • attend lectures,
  • enjoy live music,
  • check out an installation by the Technical University Collecting Compassion,
  • and taste a surprising bite of food!


BFF #6: YO, let's play!

The museum is a playground. A playground to explore and experience new insights. YOUNG OFFICE invites you to come play on Friday, March 4th. Expect to slide down our stairs, test your fingerpainting skills or skip through our exhibitions. During the whole evening, all our exhibitions are open for viewing and of course experiencing.

See you then!

What: BFF YO, let's play!
When: Friday, March 4
Time: 7 pm - 10 pm
Location: Bonnefanten
Entrance: Free!